Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Perfect Childhood

I just read the most amazing idea over on Segullah and I just have to share. A woman wrote:

I wring my hands over the consequences of my parenting (and make no mistake–there are formidable consequences!) and wonder how this could ever be okay, and then I remember God set it up this way. And I remember my kids already had a perfect childhood in the spirit world, and that they didn’t come here to have another one. Quite the contrary, in fact.

I needed to read this today. And I needed to read it last week, and ten years ago, and I'll need to read it ten years FROM now. Parenting is daunting and hard, and I mess up pretty much every single day.

But it's true: Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to parent perfectly any more than He expects us to live perfectly. He asks us to do our best, and ask for and expect His help all along the way. Christ's atonement makes up for our failings in EVERY SINGLE AREA of our lives. It's the infinite atonement, after all.

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