Friday, October 24, 2008

Book of Mormon: 1 Nephi 8

This chapter is Lehi's Tree of Life vision. Again, he dreams, and in v. 2, he equates this dream with having a vision. And the saddest part for him, again, is that while he sees some of his family grasping hold of light and truth and joy, he also sees Laman and Lemuel choosing their own path, away from the peace of the fruit of the tree of life. I wonder why the Lord chose to reveal their hearts so plainly to Lehi. It might have been nice for him to have hope for their eventual conversion...

Other thoughts on Chapter 8:

Lehi sees different groups of people after he sees his family. The first are people who are trying to get to the tree, but get lost in the mist of darkness. The next are those who grab the rod of iron, get all the way to the tree, and are then ashamed, and are lost in forbidden paths. There are others who hold to the rod, make it to the tree and eat the fruit, but many others who bypass the tree entirely in their efforts to get to the large and spacious building, some of whom make it there, but others are drowned.

So many ways to be lost. Only one safe path. It's hard to take in that the path to peace and joy is truly so straight and narrow.

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