Monday, October 27, 2008


"We all act upon or give obedience to knowledge. Whether in science or religion, our obedience is not blind when we act upon knowledge suited to the subject of our action. A scientist receives and acts upon a trusted certification of the content or conditions of a particular experiment. In matters of religion, a believer’s source of knowledge is spiritual, but the principle is the same. In the case of Latter-day Saints, when the Holy Ghost gives our souls a witness of the truth of the restored gospel and the calling of a modern prophet, our choice to follow those teachings is not blind obedience."

This is from Dallin H. Oaks' April 2008 Conference Talk, "Testimony." I have been struggling with a certain topic, feeling pulled one way by my personal, cultural, and political views and another by the stated position of the First Presidency. After much (MUCH) thought, reading, and prayer, I finally decided that despite my worries and doubts, I would align my personal position with that of the First Presidency. This took humility: more than I realized it would. And then I found that my Relief Society lesson would be based on this talk by Elder Oaks. In many small instances as I prepared for the lesson, I found myself instructed by the Spirit, and by the end of my lesson on Sunday, I felt reassured that although I don't understand this position fully, that I would be blessed by my choice to be obedient.

I have a rebellious streak. I don't like to follow the status quo without good reason. But I truly believe in my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is headed by a man of God, a prophet for today. As much as I see through a glass darkly, I'm going to do my best to trust that the Lord will lead us in the right way, and that this is a worthy battle.

So there. Today's thoughts on obedience.

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